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Yosh.AI provides a comprehensive range of AI products to help you harness the power of Generative AI

GenAI Omni Insights Platform

Industry: Finance Retail

Automate getting insights about your client’s requests and contact center performance

  • Analyze conversations between your company and clients across all channels to receive qualitative and quantitative insights into business opportunities.
  • Get an assessment of potential automation through AI and GenAI to estimate cost savings.
  • Build a Transformation Strategy towards AI Assisted Communication and receive an implementation plan based on the insights from the analysis.
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Bot GenAIrator Platform

Industry: Finance Retail Tourism

Automate providing information to your employees with GenAI bots to increase efficiency of your teams with Bot GenAIrator Platform

  • Give access to Yosh’s self-serve GenAI bot-building platform to all your teams: HR, sales, customer support, and anyone interested! Let them create their own GenAI bots with their curated knowledge base and all the relevant documentation.
  • Save their time in finding answers and improve their efficiency.
  • No code skills required!
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BotGenAIrator Platform

Voice AI Agent

Industry: Finance Retail

Automate the workflow of your contact center with the most accurate Voice AI Agent.

  • Reduce your contact center cost by up to 50%.
  • Implement a voice AI agent to let your clients communicate as conveniently as possible.
  • Instantly provide accurate information to your customers, with no waiting time, 24/7.
  • Scale easily during peak seasons without any limits or pre-commitments thanks to the 100% cloud environment.
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Text AI Agent

Industry: Finance Retail

Automate the workflow of your contact center with the most accurate Text AI Agent.

  • Reduce your contact center cost by up to 50%.
  • Implement a text AI agent to let your clients communicate as conveniently as possible.
  • Provide accurate information to your customers instantly, with no waiting time, 24/7.
  • Implement consistent and automated communication across all the channels.
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Helping companies innovate and scale

We strive to bring innovation and progress across all industries through our cutting-edge solutions and technologies. Our goal is to revolutionize the way businesses operate and to provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Validation first

Connect visual search engine with your product feed, choose its appearance and you’re good to go!

Fast + cost-effective

Install visual search on your ecomm with just a few clicks via GTM. We’ll integrate to your stack easily.

Safety at the core

To bring your customers’ shopping experience to the next level, integrate visual search with your virtual assistant.

Equipped with AI, NLP and linguistics, Yosh is on a mission to change the way people buy online.


of customer requests
can be automated


of companies implement AI solutions


of customers come back to retailers using AI assistants


positive reception of voice assistant

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We’ll help you tackle industry-specific challenges and seamlessly incorporate digital transformation into your operations.




Use cases

Yosh.AI helped CCC S.A., one of the largest European footwear and omnichannel retailers, set new industry standards and automate its Customer Support with the implementation of cutting-edge conversational AI technology. CCC’s text and voice Virtual Assistant not only answers FAQs and order or complaint status inquiries but also looks for products with innovative Visual Search technology, checks product availability in stores and much more. The solution is already available in 6 countries across multiple channels.
LPP – An innovative solution made for LPP S.A., the biggest apparel retailer in CEE, was deployed on Google Business Messages channel, a chat supporting Google Maps. With nearly 250 Sinsay stores in Poland alone, the customers may not only receive answers to their FAQs via Google Search and Maps but also directly inquire about contact details or working hours of individual boutiques, and in the future, possibly even make product reservations or check item’s availability.
Yosh.AI is helping Markerstudy Group, the UK’s fifth motor insurance provider, streamline their operations with Conversational AI via multiple projects. Claims & FAQs chatbot significantly reduces their Contact Center traffic and an enhanced VRN recognition module facilitates user authentication automation.
Neuca – A voicebot capable of handling over 20 thousand different names of pharmaceuticals was built for Neuca S.A., a Polish market leader in medicinal wholesale, to support invoice returns. As part of IVR, the project implemented via integration with Neuca’s CRM aims to considerably cut down the number of calls received by Contact Center from pharmacies.
A British multinational insurance company AVIVA was aiming to boost their customer satisfaction and NPS rates. Hence, an automated AI agent was built for IVR claim routing purposes as the area in the most need of improvement. In the last week of POC’s development, the AI agent was at the 88% level of accuracy.

Recognition and awards

2021 Global Excellence Awards Best Use of AI for Customer Experience recognized Yosh.AI as top solution provider for retailers
Sell and Service Premier Partner Google Cloud
Google Cloud 2023 Partner All-star in Sales
Google Cloud 2023 Differentiation Partner of the Year

Toolstack to build 
your cutting-edge AI

We employ leading Generative AI services and models like Gemini and Vertex. Your team will always have access to the best GenAI models available, giving you maximum agility and performance at the best cost to meet your business needs.

About us

We’re an international team of AI
specialists, NLP experts,
programmers, and linguists.
Our mission is to revolutionize
communication through leading-edge
AI technology and empower companies
with most advanced GenAI and AI products to ensure automation and increased efficiency of the teams.

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