Grow your shop sales
with smartest AI powered
personal shopping assistant.

Our Mission

Deliver to users pleasurable, effortless fashion shopping experience, which leads to sales thanks to personalisation.

What we do

We offer AI solutions for fashion retailers to

Help drive user engagement, increase sales and optimise costs through automation.

Our innovative, state-of-the-art AI solutions include:
intelligent chatbots
visual search engines
personalized user profiling
predictive recommendation engines

How we do it

We help increase sales through the use of personalization to grow engagement thanks to detailed analysis of user preferences (profiling) and innovative methods of capturing user interest (conversational commerce, visual search engine).

We optimise costs through automation, by using AI solutions (auto-tagging).

What do we offer

Custom made solutions designed specifically for the fashion retail industry including:
Pre-designed AI chatbot (“Siri for fashion”) focusing on aiding user find products
Visual search engine (showing similar products, search through image)
Image recognition solution for auto-taggin
Recommendation engine, connected to outside sourced user profiles (valuable especially for first-time users)

Meet the Team!

Kasia is passionate about building global start-up as team member of top experts in their fields, believing that technology is changing the world for a better place. With years of extensive experience in marketing in The Coca-Cola Company on 9 international markets, currently focusing on changing how fashion and apparel retail is operating online through implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud to deliver better sales results for their apparel retail business partners. Focusing on deep understanding of user needs, preferences, and delivering highly personalized recommendation, her dream is to minimizes time need for shopping, while ensuring engagement and satisfaction of the client, so every shopper can use their time in other, more meaningful areas of life. Supported by Google Campus, global accelerator program from Silicon Valley powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Leadership Academy by Prof. Wójcik, as well as experts and mentors from Google Launchpad program, where is mentoring other global startups in CEE and USA,she is co-creating with the amazing technology experts from Poland, breakthrough technology and company based on people driven culture, trust and delivering results. PhD Student of Management in New Technologies, lecturer of various conferences and programs.
Agnieszka has a black belt in linguistic analysis for computational purposes. She has co-designed both machine learning- and rule-based NLP systems, such as dialogue agents in Spanish, German and English. With a team of UST-experts she adapted a Polish parser to UGC and helped develop semantic-based security solutions of crime detection for the Polish police. Agnieszka started off 6 years ago at, a Silicon Valley-based startup offering an innovative solution for sentiment detection in text. She wrote a thesis on data extraction from legal contracts, spending part of the studies at UC Berkeley and the International Computer Science Institute. She then used her whole NLP-experience in commercial projects at Samsung R&D, working on the original SVoice and later Bixby operating on the VIV-platform. She has recently been collaborating with Microsoft on an advanced text editor for German. At she is responsible for the chatbot part of the system: dialog scenarios, chatbot design and personality, as well as making sure that users are engaged in the conversation and enjoy the whole shopping experience.
Magdalena is a scientist, finishing her PhD at Jagielloński University, with a machine learning focus. She is in charge of representation learning and data clustering tasks. She is also a speaker at numerous science conferences and IT meetings. At YoshAI, Magdalena, as a Research Scientist is responsible for personalization part of the system and recommendation engine, as well as development of a fashion visual search engine.

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