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Is Unicorn real magic?

Unicorn vs. other LLMs – overview of the performance Author: Paweł Wnuk, PhD At Yosh.AI, we are relentlessly committed to a deep understanding of technology and making data-driven decisions. Following the launch of Google’s latest Large Language Model (LLM), text-unicorn, our R&D team embarked on a comprehensive study to quantitatively gauge the model’s capabilities and […]

Converting Images into Meaningful Representations

The utilization of visual content has become a crucial aspect in various domains. In Yosh.AI, we use multiple advanced algorithms to process visual data and use it in real-world applications. Visual embedding is a transformative technique that converts intricate and unprocessed visual data into meaningful and concise illustrations. The potential of this technique is various […]

Customized Dashboards

In the world of data analytics, the ability to create custom dashboards is crucial for decision-making processes. In Yosh.AI, we use advanced data analysis tools for data exploration and visualization. One of our specializations is creating data dashboards for our clients from various industries. The priority aspect for us is understanding our client’s needs. Thanks […]

Breakthrough in language modeling and scaling

Google announced PaLM, Pathways Language Model, which has brought considerable changes in the field of artificial intelligence. Google PaLM achieves outstanding results in areas related to language understanding and language modeling. This article aims to showcase PaLM’s ability to transform the AI world. First, let’s take a look at its key features. Then, please find […]

How does Yosh.AI use LLM models?

Nowadays, natural language processing technology plays a crucial role in many fields. One of the latest and most promising developments in this field is the “Large Language Model” algorithm. This advanced model based on artificial intelligence offers several new opportunities but poses some challenges that must be encountered. In this article, we will take a […]

How to use artificial intelligence to increase sales?

Nowadays, many online stores use recommendation algorithms to increase sales. Recommendation algorithms in eCommerce are based on the analysis of customer purchase data. The artificial intelligence system analyzes the products the customer has purchased and, based on this, suggests other products that may interest him. Data analysis is based on various factors, such as the […]

Dialog agent for the shopping portal

Yosh.AI implements automatic conversational systems that simulate conversation with people by interacting in real-time via a proprietary application. Our artificial intelligence tool can learn how to respond to queries and conduct conversations using deep learning algorithms. The primary purpose of chatbots is to provide fast and effective customer service, whose expectations and requirements are growing […]

Visual Search

Visual Search is a technology that allows users to search for visual content by simply uploading an image or taking a photo. The Visual Search application will provide visually similar or related results. Therefore, it has the potential to revolutionize e-commerce. Visual Search has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to […]

MediaExpert Voicebot

Challenge Media Expert, one of the biggest retailers of consumer electronics and home appliances in Poland, was looking for a voice solution to automate their customer support process related to order status. Yosh.AI created a Voice Assistant for the Polish market that handles order status updates.  Solution The conversation flow designed allows customers to receive […]

Neuca Voicebot

Challenge Neuca is one of the largest medical supply distributors in Poland. The company was seeking a solution that would automate the process of returning products (mostly medications), thus taking some burden off the busy customer service centers. The greatest challenge here had to do with the names of various medical products. Such products are […]