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Dialog agent for the shopping portal

Yosh.AI implements automatic conversational systems that simulate conversation with people by interacting in real-time via a proprietary application. Our artificial intelligence tool can learn how to respond to queries and conduct conversations using deep learning algorithms. The primary purpose of chatbots is to provide fast and effective customer service, whose expectations and requirements are growing […]

Visual Search

Visual Search is a technology that allows users to search for visual content by simply uploading an image or taking a photo. The Visual Search application will provide visually similar or related results. Therefore, it has the potential to revolutionize e-commerce. Visual Search has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to […]

MediaExpert Voicebot

Challenge Media Expert, one of the biggest retailers of consumer electronics and home appliances in Poland, was looking for a voice solution to automate their customer support process related to order status. Yosh.AI created a Voice Assistant for the Polish market that handles order status updates.  Solution The conversation flow designed allows customers to receive […]

Neuca Voicebot

Challenge Neuca is one of the largest medical supply distributors in Poland. The company was seeking a solution that would automate the process of returning products (mostly medications), thus taking some burden off the busy customer service centers. The greatest challenge here had to do with the names of various medical products. Such products are […]

LPP Voicebot

Challenge LPP S.A., the biggest apparel retailer in CEE, was looking for a solution to automate its customer support in its most prestigious market. Yosh.AI rose to the occasion and created a Voice Assistant for the UK region, handling the most frequent inquiry in the retail sector – order status. Solution Thanks to a perfectly […]

Computational Linguist(Poland-based) The daily job of a successful candidate will focus on designing, building and maintaining chatbots and voicebots for different clients in different areas (retail, insurance, banking, among others) and markets. We are looking for an individual with at least 2 years of experience in a similar position. The technical skills and knowledge necessary […]

About the customer CCC S.A., based in Poland, is one of the largest European footwear and omnichannel retailers. It operates a unique footwear and apparel ecosystem of over 90 ecommerce platforms and 1,000 shops across 29 countries under various brands and channels.  About the project – the challenge To enhance their customers’ shopping experience, CCC […]


Yosh.AI is a certified Google Technology, Service, and Reseller Partner. We are a deep tech company using AI for automating communication through custom-made voice and text Assistant. Conversational commerce and customer service solutions support websites, social channels and phone line – in any language. If you want to read more about us on, you can […]

Frontend Developer

The daily job of a successful candidate will focus on building communication panels for systems for client service automatization. Senior Frontend Developer