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About the customer CCC S.A., based in Poland, is one of the largest European footwear and omnichannel retailers. It operates a unique footwear and apparel ecosystem of over 90 ecommerce platforms and 1,000 shops across 29 countries under various brands and channels.  About the project – the challenge To enhance their customers’ shopping experience, CCC […]


Yosh.AI is a certified Google Technology, Service, and Reseller Partner. We are a deep tech company using AI for automating communication through custom-made voice and text Assistant. Conversational commerce and customer service solutions support websites, social channels and phone line – in any language. If you want to read more about us on, you can […]

Frontend Developer

The daily job of a successful candidate will focus on building communication panels for systems for client service automatization. Senior Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

The daily job of a successful candidate will focus on creating backend solutions for our voice and chat bots, creating SaaS platform and internal monitoring/configuration tools as well as cooperation with external clients – during products’ development. Senior Backend Developer

Our AI retail assistants not only answer FAQs and order or complaint status inquiries but also look for products with innovative Visual Search technology, check product availability in stores and much more. On top of that, we also offer auto tagging feature and a predictive recommendation engine, to maximise sales and user engagement. Let a […]

We understand that being wherever your customers are is vital for business, and we are prepared to integrate your virtual agent with an app of your choice, so that your customer can find answers on various different channels. Choose telephony, MediaVoice, SMS, Mobile or Web and let the bot handle customer interactions. This way you […]

The chatbot created that way relied on AI solutions and self-learning algorithms to increase the effectiveness of the business and optimize costs. Visual search, based on advanced, state-of-the-art machine learning methods using neural networks, allows to customer to search for product in an intuitive, fast manner, unencumbered by the constraints of language. For autotagging, we […]

Since much of modern instant communication turned to text, commerce has to a large extent had to make the switch as well. We can’t now imagine a thriving business that does not offer the option to chat. Enter: the chatbot. Forget the bland text box: Yosh offers to integrate with any platform, whether it be […]