Yosh’s end-to-end solution

Yosh’s end-to-end solution will improve your customer service with AI that understands, interacts, and responds. Thanks to partnering with Google, the AI technology we offer can help you lower costs and increaser customer satisfaction. Deliver lifelike customer experiences that support accurate multi-turn conversations, built with deep learning technologies powered by Google Assistant and let your human agents focus on more complex issues, while providing them with real-time information, workflows, and turn-by-turn guidance. Actionable insights gathered via analytics will identify key call drivers, customer sentiment and more, which will empower your team’s decision making.

We recommend using Dialogflow CX to make full use of the capabilitie rich Conversational AI has to offer. In Dialogflow CX you can create advanced virtual agents that can go off-script: Work outside a predefined flow, answer complex questions, deviating as the conversation deviates. All conversations can operate across multiple channels 24/7. Agent Assisst empowers human agents with support during live calls and chat by identifying intent and providing real-time, step-by-step assistance.

The data that is gathered is available in CCAI Insights. Using natural language processing, caller’s rationale and sentiment behind reaching out can be translated into data points that you, in turn, can translate into answering your business needs.

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