How does Yosh.AI use LLM models?

Nowadays, natural language processing technology plays a crucial role in many fields. One of the latest and most promising developments in this field is the “Large Language Model” algorithm. This advanced model based on artificial intelligence offers several new opportunities but poses some challenges that must be encountered. In this article, we will take a closer look at the “Large Language Model” algorithm and how at Yosh.AI, we use the latest artificial intelligence technologies to improve products for our clients.

What is the “Large Language Model” algorithm?

The Large Language Model (LLM) is an advanced artificial intelligence model. Based on the Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) architecture, this machine learning model is trained on a vast amount of text from various sources to understand and generate natural language.

Applications of the LLM algorithm

The Large Language Model algorithm has many applications in natural language processing. Examples include text generation based on instructions, virtual assistants answering questions and executing commands, translating between languages, explaining the meaning of complex concepts, preparing texts and advertisements, answering questions automatically, assisting in writing and correcting texts grammatically, sentiment analysis, and many more.

How do we use LLM at Yosh.AI?

At, we use LLM in innovative solutions in projects as diverse as analyzing phone calls in a call center, creating FAQs for our clients, or developing intelligent chatbots. For example, we can prepare KPI reports and summaries without human intervention by analyzing conversation transcripts. In addition, automatic FAQ generation based on URLs and PDF documents provides up-to-date information, which keeps chatbots up-to-date.

What challenges does Yosh.AI face?

However, it is worth remembering that while the LLM is a powerful tool, it is imperfect. For example, sometimes, the algorithm can generate incorrect information. In addition, there is a risk of privacy and security violations, mainly when the data contains confidential information. Therefore, at Yosh.AI, we are working on improving the model’s performance in such a way as to prevent many problems with generative algorithms and provide an enhanced solution for our clients. Furthermore, data scientists in Yosh.AI train and deploy our own language models based on LLM.

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