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global:  google
recommended by:  forbes
2 M € R&D grant

Yosh.AI solution: voice and text bot "Coronavirus Info" won the World Health Organization's Global Hackathon.


prize 1st Fashion Innovation Awards
Applying AI to fashion e‑commerce, Switzerland 2019
prize 1st Start-up Games UK Government, UK 2019
prize 2nd Best TechRetail Start-up Europe, 2019 Spain

Yosh.AI is an official global Google Cloud Partner. After numerous international, successful implementations of AI solutions for international enterprises, Google recognised advanced and high quality solutions provided by Yosh.AI with a global partnership.


Yosh.AI is proud and humbled by the announcement made earlier 2019 by Forbes, naming us as one of 5 companies shaping the future of retail.

How To Rule Retail: 10 Essential Tactics, Trends & Innovations To Back In 2019

“Polish company Yosh.AI creates intelligent, voice-activated in-app chatbots for fashion brands that understand what the user is responding to - match-making suggestions according to voice and on-screen visuals.”


Yosh.AI was chosen by UK Government for Global Entrepreneurs Program, allowing us to get support from Department of International Trade for strengthening our presence on the UK market as well as accelerating our global presence.


The mission of Yosh.AI is to revolutionise the communication between retailers and the users through the use of AI-powered Virtual Voice Assistants and deliver a more pleasurable, effortless shopping experience.


Thanks to innovative AI technology supporting both voice and text conversations, brands for the first time in history are now able to seamlessly communicate with users, allowing for more meaningful, user-driven, personalised one-to-one communications.

Yosh.AI is a deep-tech company that creates personalised AI voice and text assistants, which allows enterprises to engage customers in product search, as well as support post-purchase care.

Our mission is to empower e-commerce with AI solutions and drive user engagement and sales through delivering pleasurable, effortless fashion shopping experience with voice.

We focus on creating personalised solutions for retailers which allows them to grow sales and optimise cost through implementing automation based on AI.

Yosh.AI empowers the retail sector and brands with new, more engaging communication directly with the customers through voice to improve customer engagement, discover new customer insights, and increase sales. We connect brands with their customers via voice on Google Assistant, Alexa and our clients’ channels, including websites and mobile apps. With dedicated voice assistants for the most prominent international companies including; MediaMarkt (the biggest electronic goods retailer in Europe), Intu Shopping Centre (largest shopping centre owner in UK and Spain), CCC (a leading shoe and bag retailer present in 22 countries) or (leader in e-grocery), Yosh.AI is leading the global commerce transition towards voice shopping. This fact was officially recognised by Google, within Actions on Google for its high-quality actions. Forbes UK named Yosh.AI in 2019 as one of the companies that are "Changing the future of Retail", this combined with the many awards received by Yosh.AI in international competitions for implementing AI for retail, shows the value the company is creating for its' clients. Yosh.AI focuses on creating business value for clients, using Google technology, as well as its' proprietary technology, bringing AI solutions within voice, as well as image recognition solutions, including visual search to retailers. The company connects highly advanced AI scientific know-how with business expertise. The AI, Research and Development team, consists of 5 PhD scientists within NLP and image recognition area, with years of expertise in creating state-of-art solutions, as well as commercially implementing these AI solutions within the global companies. The research currently conducted, within the 2M euro R&D project of development of AI conversational commerce platform for fashion retail, including visual search and automated tagging, is supported with EU grant. The official partner of the project is the Polish Academy of Science.

Yosh is implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions to create a new, more engaging shopping experience for the customers. Here is an example of how fashion retailers like Intu Shopping UK can benefit from our solutions.

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Yosh.AI offers solutions to ensure that every customer touchpoint in the user journey is served by our conversational AI.

Custom-made solutions designed specifically for the retail industry including AI voice and text assistant (“Siri for shopping”) adapted for specific Client needs on:
- pre-purchase (search, voice SEO, SEM)
- post-purchase (automation of customer support).

With the pre-purchase functions of the voice assistant, we bring our Clients to the world of “voice” commerce and ensure that they are at the forefront of the voice revolution. Thanks to our highly advanced solutions, we focus on maximising our Client’s positioning within Google Assistant and Alexa voice platforms to drive traffic to their voice apps as well as web platforms, building their voice SEO.

With the post-purchase functions of the voice assistant, we enable Clients to save costs on customer care by answering approximately 80% of the consumer queries through the AI assistant. We also ensure that users have 24/7 access to the customer service in every time zone. And that AI assistant is always happy and helpful to serve customers needs.

Our AI Voice Assistant build engagement and loyalty with the customers, and at the same time, allows Clients to create saving through automation.

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CCC Shoes & Bags (one of the largest retail footwear company in Europe) also connect with their users through the Yosh AI virtual assistant. Offering an enjoyable shopping experience in product and nearest location search the virtual assistant also provides information on promotions and the CCC loyalty Club.

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MediaMarkt is the first company within the electronics goods sector to use AI voice shopping assistant on Google Assistant. The primary advantage for the MediaMarkt Clients is the ease of searching for the products using voice and saving the time- what takes approximately three minutes to find on the website takes only 10 sec with one spoken sentence- please see the demo.

demo photo, the leader in e-grocery shopping, offers their Clients the possibility to do the shopping while driving through conversation. The voice assistant created for Frisco states the Client's latest basket, lets them modify it, organise delivery and payment. This voice e-grocery shopping experience will also soon be introduced on behalf of on Samsung fridges, again allowing Clients to save time.

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The Yosh.AI assistant for CCC on the Messenger platform was recognised by Facebook for Developers as a very high-quality solution to automate communication

Yosh.AI has been cooperating with CCC to provide a new, innovative solution for customers that facilitate shopping on the CCC e-commerce platform. Our AI assistant that works within Facebook Messenger is one of the example that brings benefits for both customers and the enterprise. Thanks to our solution, CCC customers are served faster and easily find the products they need. The customer support is available 24/7 in many languages on different markets that CCC operates. Thank you @CCC for the cooperation and @Facebook for recognising the efficiency of the solution.

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PwC presenting Yosh.AI

PwC presenting Yosh.AI - the company empowering retailers with conversational commerce. More about the benefits for retailers of implementing AI solutions in new reality.


The Yosh.AI team consists of world-class specialists in Artificial Intelligence within NLP (Natural Language Processing) as well as image recognition area. With 5 PhD specialists in AI, with years of experience in science, but also commercial implementation in the world most advanced tech companies R&D centres, we create state-of-the-art solutions. We are supported by R&D grant from the National Science and Development Fund, a 2M euro project to create an AI platform for retail conversational AI. Additionally, as a partner in this project, we have the Polish Academy of Science.

The most significant value that our company offers is the implementation of AI solutions to our Clients which enable them to achieve their business results, while optimising costs. This business target achievement is led and driven by our CEO, who has over 15 years of business experience with The Coca-Cola Company and various SMEs, on a multi-country basis.

This combination of top AI science know-how with business expertise is what makes cooperation with Yosh.AI so valuable to our Clients. We are proud that our Clients trust us and award us with more and more projects, on a broadening market basis, as well as in new areas of implementation of AI voice assistants. A perfect example of this is, an e-grocery leader, who after successfully implementing its' voice assistant on Google, is now working on expanding its' implementation on Samsung fridges. At the core, we enable our Clients to enter the voice revolution and join the era of conversational commerce, the most significant change to affect the future of retail.

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Katarzyna is passionate about building a global start-up, with a team of experts who believe that technology is changing the world for the better. With years of experience in marketing with The Coca-Cola Company on an international basis, she is currently focused on enabling retailers to enter voice conversational commerce to deliver better sales results. Focused on a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences, the goal is to provide highly personalised recommendations conversationally. Her dream is to minimise the time required for shopping while ensuring the engagement and satisfaction of the Client. Having been supported by Google Campus, global accelerator program from Silicon Valley powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Harvard Leadership Academy, as well as experts and mentors from Google. She is co-creating a technology and deep- tech breakthrough company with a fantastic team of technology experts from Poland. With a strong belief that culture is the foundation of a successful company, she focuses on people first driven culture. A PhD Student of Management in New Technologies, conference lecturer and passionate mentor in Google Launchpad in the US and Europe as well as many women empowerment programs.