LPP Voicebot


LPP S.A., the biggest apparel retailer in CEE, was looking for a solution to automate its customer support in its most prestigious market. Yosh.AI rose to the occasion and created a Voice Assistant for the UK region, handling the most frequent inquiry in the retail sector – order status.


Thanks to a perfectly designed conversation flow, customers can receive their (last) order status without uttering a word within 10 seconds after being connected. All this is possible due to automatic phone recognition built into the bot.

Agent was built with use of Dialogflow CX with advanced business logic built in Dialogflow itself as well using Webhook for external api calls. Webhooks are hosted on Cloud Run service. Analytics data from conversations are collecting in a BigQuery database using Cloud Logging sink.


Yosh’s voice solution for LPP went live on the UK market in October 2022.

Ever since the launch of the Reserved Voice Assistant for the UK market, the LPP’s brand can boast a remarkably low rate of calls transferred to customer support line, significantly lowering its traffic. 91% calls are managed by the bot.

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