Neuca Voicebot


Neuca is one of the largest medical supply distributors in Poland. The company was seeking a solution that would automate the process of returning products (mostly medications), thus taking some burden off the busy customer service centers. The greatest challenge here had to do with the names of various medical products. Such products are notorious for surprising names, whose pronunciation is often open for debate. The voicebot would have to correctly recognize and then repeat these names.


After many weeks of work and thanks to a number of custom-made out-of-the-box solutions, YOSH.AI have designed a pipeline for product name recognition. The solution accommodates not only the generic name and form of the product, but also various ways of expressing its quantity, dose, and volume.

The agent was built with the use of Dialogflow ES with business logic built in Dialogflow itself as well using a webhook for more custom flows and external API calls. Webhooks are hosted on Cloud Run service but to make a secure connection to our client API, we use a VPN connection that requires a VPC and  Serverless Connector. Also Firestore Database and Cloud Storage are used to make reports of jobs made by voicebot.


Yosh voice solution for Neuca went live in September 2022.

The voicebot for Neuca reaches a human-like level of medical name recognition. Regular analyses show a continuous increase in quality, now reaching the incredible success rate of 95% for the whole flow.

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