Intu (the largest shopping network in the UK) introduced Joy Shopping Advisor- voice apparel shopping assistant as first of this kind application in the world in July 2019. Joy, through approachable voice conversations on Google Assistant, helped find fashion items which best matched the users' requirements from the vast offering available on the Intu marketplace, including ASOS, Debenhams and many other stores. Joy also provided information on the nearest Intu shopping centre location. Text version available on Messenger gave the same possibilities, and additionally, Joy enabled users to find products based on a photo (visual search also offered by Yosh).

on Google Assistant say “Talk to Joy Shopping Advisor” or click

Frisco, the leader in e-grocery shopping, offers their Clients the possibility to do the shopping while driving through conversation. The voice assistant created for Frisco states the Client's latest basket, lets them modify it, organise delivery and payment. This voice e-grocery shopping experience will also soon be introduced on behalf of on Samsung fridges, again allowing Clients to save time.

on Google Assistant say “Talk to Frisco” or click

Media Markt

MediaMarkt is the first company within the electronics goods sector to use AI voice shopping assistant on Google Assistant. The primary advantage for the MediaMarkt Clients is the ease of searching for the products using voice and saving the time- what takes approximately three minutes to find on the website takes only 10 sec with one spoken sentence- please see the demo. Additionally, Clients can quickly find answers to most of their Frequently Asked Questions using the assistant. With every interaction, our AI assistant becomes smarter due to the work of our linguists.


CCC Shoes & Bags (one of the largest retail footwear company in Europe) also connect with their users through the Yosh AI virtual assistant. Offering an enjoyable shopping experience in product and nearest location search the virtual assistant also provides information on promotions and the CCC loyalty Club. Shortly the AI assistant will also offer support on customer care, including verifying delivery status, returns or helping with any other issue supporting 24/7 CCC Clients and handling most of the requests usually handed by human assistants. Additionally, Yosh.AI implemented visual search on the CCC mobile app, which allows the user to find products from the CCC selection, which are similar to the photo provided by the user.