Omni Insights Platform

The Omni Insights Platform is a Yosh product which is an extension of Google Insight. The platform allows to perform analytics of speech and text conversations across all languages and channels. The solution is co-developed by Google EMEA AI & Data team and Yosh.AI.

The solution is to address the needs of the clients across EMEA region. The platform is fully powered by Google technology including LLM, Big Query and Looker. The platform allows for full analytics of speech and text conversations in contact center as well as within the company (for example sales team). The platform allows you to create a transformation strategy and plan towards AI Assisted communication via analyzing all conversations between your company and its customers across all communication channels (voice and text).

Leveraging the power of Google’s GenAI: Vertex AI, the platform delivers an advanced level of understanding of an organization’s current communication state, identifies customer needs, and outlines a clear transition path for automation and AI assisted products. The focus to build a transformation strategy is to enhance customer journey and implement automation via conversational AI and GenAI with chatbots, voicebots, mailbots and other GenAI products.

The Omni Insight Platform consists of two parts that serve different purposes. One, Insights,  allows you to get insights that will facilitate  strategy building, while the other one, Quality Assurance for contact centers,  helps you monitor the performance of the Human and AI agents.

Part one – Insights

  • A comprehensive view of the full spectrum of communication across all the channels – voice (telephony) and text (chat, mail, etc). This includes both human agent and automated/bot (if relevant) communication.
  • It delivers a strategic recommendation for the areas for automation that are identified, products to be developed, milestones achieved.

Part two – Quality Assurance

Ongoing verification (continuous insights into agents performance)

  • Verification of the achieved automation per channel, process, language. The stakeholder is the Management Team
  • Quality Assurance monitoring. Continuous monitoring of agents performance in order to improve the quality of the performance.
Yosh.AI works with Google on implementing this product powered by VertexAI across clients in all sectors and all languages. Usually the process starts with 1-month POC to present to the client the value of the insights for building the transformation strategy and then start the production implementation ensuring long-term usage of VertexAi for the improvement of quality management of the contact center.