The utilization of visual content has become a crucial aspect in various domains. In Yosh.AI, we use multiple advanced algorithms to process visual data and use it in real-world applications. Visual embedding is a transformative technique that converts intricate and unprocessed visual data into meaningful and concise illustrations. The potential of this technique is various computer vision tasks like image recognition, object detection, and image retrieval have been greatly improved. This article explores the importance, applications, and technical aspects behind visual embeddings.

In the world of data analytics, the ability to create custom dashboards is crucial for decision-making processes. In Yosh.AI, we use advanced data analysis tools for data exploration and visualization. One of our specializations is creating data dashboards for our clients from various industries. The priority aspect for us is understanding our client’s needs. Thanks to this, we are able to conduct data analysis and prepare customized data dashboards in which we include critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for the business.

Learn what Google PaLM is, a revolutionary language model that excels at language understanding and reasoning. What do we get with Google PaLM in Yosh.AI?

Data scientists in Yosh.AI train and deploy our own language models based on the Large Language Model (LLM). Please find out how we use the latest artificial intelligence technologies to improve products for our customers.

How to use artificial intelligence to increase sales? Yosh.AI implements recommendation systems on websites and in the text assistant. Introducing recommendation algorithms to the eCommerce strategy is a profitable step towards better customer service and increasing the online store’s revenue.

Yosh.AI implements chatbots in various business sectors, from the financial industry to e-commerce. Our artificial intelligence tool can learn how to respond to queries and conduct conversations using deep learning algorithms.

Yosh.AI delivers Visual Search for e-commerce businesses.

Visual Search is a technology that allows users to search for visual content by simply uploading an image or taking a photo. Therefore, it has the potential to revolutionize e-commerce. Visual Search has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to improve user experience and increase revenue for e-commerce companies.

Yosh.AI attended the Voice AI Solutions at the Customer Engagement Summit on November 15th, in London. We had a great discussion on How Best In Class AI Technology Transforms Omnichannel Customer Journey with Alessio Bagnaresi. Head of AI Google Cloud EMEA and Eoin Grace Markerstudy Insurance Group UK, in the Innovation Track panel.

We shared insights on the latest Google AI technology and Markerstudy Insurance’s experience in implementing conversational AI and transformation of their contact center: a journey to implement the most innovative solutions within voice AI and omnichannel conversational AI.

YoshAI voice solution for LPP UK

We are happy to announce that Yosh’s voice solution for LPP went live on the UK market in October 2022.

The agent was built with the use of Dialogflow CX with advanced business logic built in Dialogflow itself as well as using a webhook for external API calls. Webhooks are hosted on Cloud Run service. Analytics data from conversations are collected in a BigQuery database using Cloud Logging sink.

We are happy to announce that the Yosh voice solution for Neuca went live in September 2022.

The agent was built with the use of Dialogflow ES with business logic built in Dialogflow itself as well using a webhook for more custom flows and external API calls. Webhooks are hosted on Cloud Run service but to make a secure connection to our client API, we use a VPN connection that requires a VPC and  Serverless Connector. Also Firestore Database and Cloud Storage are used to make reports of jobs made by voicebot.

UJET, Inc., the world’s most advanced cloud contact center platform, announced Yosh.AI as the latest Certified Delivery Partner (CDP). As a delivery partner, Yosh.AI will offer and deploy UJET and Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade, AI-powered cloud contact center solution globally. Yosh.AI brings new insights and ability to re-invent communication between companies and their clients through conversational AI.

Yosh.AI is a certified Google Technology, Service, and Reseller Partner. We are a deep tech company using AI for automating communication through custom-made voice and text Assistant. Conversational commerce and customer service solutions support websites, social channels and phone line – in any language. Please go to “read more” for more information about our partnership with Google on Google site.

During the event celebrating the first year of Google Cloud in Poland, Yosh.AI CEO Katarzyna Dorsey took part in the panel “Building future – ready enterprise”, sharing how Yosh.AI with voice AI solution provide the clients with many benefits including cost savings in the contact centers, scalability and better customer experience.

The Magazine of Innovation Bank Pekao S.A., #iNNaczej, discussed the voicebot technology for banking developed in cooperation with Yosh.AI.

Yosh.AI conducted a Google Retail Academy session, during which the members of our company shared insights about the business value of contact center automation and learnings from implementation of multiple AI voice agents in retail sector.

Yosh.AI founder shared Yosh.AI’s experience with Google for StartupsAccelerator and participated in launching applications for Accelerator: Cloud in Europe. Only in one year Kasia Dorsey participated in projects in the UK, Germany, France, Greece and many more countries together with the local Google Cloud team for many clients. recognized Yosh.AI as top solution provider for retailers. We are very proud to work with leading retailers in EMEA region, especially LPP S.A. and CCC Group and support them with our AI voice and text assistants.

Yosh.AI participated in a session with CDL-Oxford mentors. We get so many valuable insights from top entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers on further growth to get to our dream destination.

Bank Pekao S.A., leading Polish bank, together with Yosh.AI, created very successful POC for voicebot and chatbot solution, which aims for automation of the contact center. Read an interview with Alexander Tokarev for about the voicebot technology development: 

Another great recognition for Yosh.AI – first winning Global Award for Implementation AI into customer experience by AI Journal, now Poland at Expo choosing Yosh.AI as one of the top technology companies from Poland. This is absolutely incredible to be already – after only about 3 years, in the group next to companies like Brainly or Docplanner. Of course, it is just the begging of our successes and a lot of work before our dream- IPO, but it seems like we are going in the right direction and getting there quite fast!

Yosh.AI was granted the title of the winner of 2021 Global Excellence Awards Best Use of AI for Customer Experience by The AI Journal for enabling brands of all sizes to leverage the power of conversational AI to help with product search and customer support.

Media & Marketing Polska about Yosh.AI, how we are revolutionising retail for companies like CCC SA and many more, also other sectors with our voice & text assistants and visual search. Also, a story about scaling in Europe thanks to Google for Startups EU.

Yosh.AI finalist of the international competition organised by VTEX Acceleration 2021- recognising the most valuable solutions for retailers on the global scale. The company was recognised and chosen by the Jury from top global retailers from among 366 companies from around the world.

The company’s founder Kasia Dorsey tells the story of Yosh.AI and the cooperation with Google for Startups.

Yosh.AI has been cooperating with CCC to provide a new, innovative solution for customers that facilitate shopping on the CCC e-commerce platform. Our AI assistant that works within Facebook Messenger is one of the example that brings benefits for both customers and the enterprise. Thanks to our solution, CCC customers are served faster and easily find the products they need. The customer support is available 24/7 in many languages on different markets that CCC operates. Thank you @CCC for the cooperation and @Facebook for recognising the efficiency of the solution.

PwC presenting Yosh.AI – the company empowering retailers with conversational commerce. More about the benefits for retailers of implementing AI solutions in new reality.

After a long time of close informal cooperation, Yosh.AI became a global Google Cloud Partner. We are very happy and honoured that many successful, high quality implementations we did for our clients including CCC S.A., and MediaMarkt were recognised and appreciated. Huge “thank you” to all the people from Google Team, who have been supporting us for so many years now on the way to this achievement. We are looking forward to the next challenges ahead on the global scale.

WindowsWear – the world’s largest creative resource for brands & retailers, based in New York City invited Yosh.AI to present during a live session on Thursday, 23rd July, at 3pm ET / 9pm CET. We will showcase our implementations of voice assistants for retail to US market. Thank You JON HARARI for this amazing opportunity. Join us today:

You can also visit our WindowsWear profile at:

Yosh.AI solution: voice and text bot “Coronavirus Info” won the World Health Organization’s Global Hackathon. After a week of considering the viability, potential and scalability of submissions, the team of health & technical expert judges chose Yosh.AI as one of the 89 winning solutions among almost 1700 applications from around the world.

During the pandemic outbreak the team at Yosh.AI worked around the clock, including weekends, to implement multi-channel solutions as soon as possible. Voice and Text Virtual Assistant for the Ministry of Digitization and the National Health Fund, which was created in less than two weeks, supports the fight against coronavirus – “Coronavirus info – automatic assistant”. The AI chatbot under the name “Koronavirus info – automatic assistant” addresses the most frequently asked questions about coronavirus, indicates the location of the nearest hospital with an infectious ward and station Sanepid (sanitary inspection), and shows the latest news available on the portal The Virtual Assistant “Koronavirus Information” was commissioned by the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the National Health Fund. The voice assistant available on the NFZ Hotline was launched on 19 March 2020 and work is currently underway on the implementation on other communication channels, including Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, as well as on selected pages on

Yosh.AI applied to World Health Organization Covid-19 Global Hackathon with our voice and text AI assistant to provide the information about the coronavirus, latest news and location of the closest hospital. The solution can be implemented on multiple channels including website, phone line, Google Assistant , Alexa, Messenger, Twitter and many more.

We are happy to share that Yosh.AI was one of the 3 winners of the Fashion Innovation Award 2019. Out of over 100 applications from all over the world, Yosh.AI made it to the list of 12 finalists and was invited to pitch in front of the jury during the Fashion Innovation Week – one of the biggest FashionTech events in Europe. The award was granted to “mature FashionTech start-ups who apply Artificial Intelligence to enhance different parts of the Fashion value chain”.

As one of the most promising Start-ups from Poland, Yosh.AI was invited to present it’s solutions in Google HQ in London during Polish Tech Day in the UK, already resulted in promising conversations with UK investors about soon-to-come investment round.

Yosh.AI is very grateful for the support we are receiving from our partners – we would not be here without them believing in us. Thank you “Google for Startups”, Michał Kramarz and UK Embassy in Warsaw Marcin Boroń, for all the introductions, events, mentorships and all help. with Yosh.AI proudly introduces the First Voice Assistant for Online Grocery Shopping. Now You can order everything from Frisco through voice, even when You are driving your car! Frisco is one of the first companies in the world to implement this voice solution in online grocery shopping, along with Walmart in US and Sainsbury in UK. Thank You for Your trust Tomasz Michalski, Kamil Lupa and also for all the fun we had making this project happen.

MIT Sloan Management Review Poland presents an interview with women in technology and how they managed to act in this male dominated sector. Congrats to Małgorzata Gryz, Monika Synoradzka, Kasia Dorsey featured by “Strong Women in IT” Report by Anita Kijanka Foundation- well done ; )

Yosh.AI joins experts from Google, Colliers and Frisco to share their experience with retailers at a Google Campus event

Yosh.AI with Google experts presents “How Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of retail?”

Together with the amazing experts from Google, Colliers and Frisco, Yosh.AI invited retailers to journey into the future event on Google Campus. Why voice Assistants will change the customer journey? How to use Natural Language processing and image recognition to give a new, more engaging experience for retail Clients? How to connect the online and offline experience? These and many more questions were answered in a very engaging event – again big thank you to all our Partners.