Conversation Analysis

We understand that being wherever your customers are is vital for business, and we are prepared to integrate your virtual agent with an app of your choice, so that your customer can find answers on various different channels. Choose telephony, MediaVoice, SMS, Mobile or Web and let the bot handle customer interactions. This way you will be able to provide consistent conversational experience of the highest quality. That is not all, though. Conversation Analysis is about taking individual utterances of a conversation and understanding them better. This means breaking down the conversation and enriching it with annotations that will help to search, filter, find the data that is useful to answer high value business questions.

Within each project, you will have access to powerful Insights details and topic modelling. Apart from that, made-to-measure KPIs can be made, to further let you look under the hood of your bot’s performance. Let data-driven insights inspire your next business decision.

Conversational AI-based customer interactions not only let you focus on other business needs, but also are easily translatable into data points that can inform your business decisions.

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